Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Asset Management Meet - Pune, June 2014

It is a matter of pride for all of us that the Asset Management Meet was a great success and well appreciated by all.

Following is a brief synopsis of the event:

After welcome note for speakers and the audience, meet started with the session from Ms. Arathi K. Pai from #KPIT. She represented Mr. Mandar Marulkar as he had to travel out of Pune on a business trip. 

Arathi's team contributed significantly in achieving Verafirm Certification for KPIT as an organization, making KPIT the first publicly listed organization in the world to secure it. This session covered various implementation phases spanning across 7 years that enabled KPIT to reach an amazing level of maturity and eventually getting Verafirm certification.

Arathi's session was centered around:
  • Implementation of Software Asset Management at KPIT
  • Challenges faced during the implementation 
  • Benefits accrued for KPIT across the implementation phases
  • Way end user (customer) experience of IT was transformed

Her session proved that if there is a will there's a way. People believe that having even 90% asset information is not feasible, and her team at KPIT proved all of them wrong with an excellent approach that enables 100% tracking and availability of accurate asset information. She showed the beauty and benefits that automation can bring to an organization. 

After a short tea break, the meet progressed with a session from Mr. Ramesh Jain from PROZM. Ramesh is an expert in Asset Management. He is a Member of IMC Working Group on ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG21 - ISO 19770 Series. 

Ramesh's session was focused on Software License Compliance and Hardware Asset Management. His session highlighted:
  • Understanding of software license and contract
  • Key aspects that leads to software license non-compliance (#SAM)
  • Need for Hardware Asset Management (#HAM)
  • Asset lifecycle
  • Management of asset inventory
  • Key elements of #ITAM program

Ramesh's session crisply induced the thought in the audience regarding the importance of software license compliance and need of software as well as hardware asset management.

Post these sessions ITSM Doctors for the day Arathi, Francis, Ramesh, Rakesh (@RakeshS2106) and Sumit (@jhasumik) answered multitude of queries from the audience initally focused around Asset Management but then extending to entire ITSM during the ITSM Clinic.

The meet concluded with thanks note for the sponsors Paras Taining Universe and dinner which enabled the audience to network with each other. 

Approx 45 people from 18 companies attended the meet. Participants were from:
  • #Accenture
  • #Aviva Global Services
  • #Capgemini
  • #Cyphersec
  • #Digital Group 
  • #Eaton
  • #Ebsolute Technologies
  • #IBM
  • #iGate
  • #Infosys
  • #KPIT
  • Modular Mining Systems Pvt Ltd.
  • #Quickwin
  • #SunGard
  • #TechM (Tech Mahindra Ltd.)
  • Thinking Dimensions India
  • #Vodafone
  • #Xoriant

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